Filter Pro


Rob Rose

Wimbledon, ND

I was first introduced to Filter Pro at a Taylor & Martin truck auction four years ago, owner, Cal Van Dyke and his wife, Jen, had a Filter Pro display there.  After visiting with them off and on thru the day, I purchased five units for my own trucks.  I used them extensively that first winter as North Dakota had temps  below  zero for weeks.  One morning with the temperature at 7 below I began to lose fuel pressure, dropping from 90 psi to 20 psi, after turning on my Filter Pro it took roughly ten minutes to return to 90 psi, saving me a filter change on the side of the road.

The product is high quality, easy to install and it works!  I became a dealer for Filter Pro and have sold many units to area farmers and drivers.  Saving even one change of both filters and melt down products is worth the price of the unit.