Filter Pro

About The Company

Meet the people behind the product.
Filter Pro was born out of the need to fix a common problem. Hear from the inventor, Cal Van Dyke.
“After many years of always fighting with gelled fuel filters, I knew there had to be a better way to deal with these issues. I always knew that if I could keep the fuel in the filter warm, the problem would be gone. After some research on different heating products, we put together an awesome product that does just that!”
– Cal Van Dyke, Filter Pro creator.

More Company Information: 

  • All of our materials are fire proof. The insulation is fire retardant to 3000 degrees and has an incredible R value, which in turn puts and keeps the heat where it needs to be.
  • All of our products are manufactured in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
  • All of the materials we use are made in the USA.
  • We stand behind our product for 1 year for defects on workmanship or element failure.
  • If you ever have an issue with one of our products, simply, contact the dealer where you made your purchase. They will contact us and a replacement will be provided.

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